Main objectives

  1. Introducing international best practices aimed at developing conducive ecosystems for enhancing and advancing entrepreneurship, Investment both domestic and foreign, innovation and digitalization with special focus on the Arab Region and Africa; thus, leading to a more inclusive and sustainable future
  2. Facilitating business partnerships and investments for domestic enterprise creation and expansion,
  3. Highlighting best practices for governments and financial institutions towards entrepreneur’s resilience
  4. Creating a platform for entrepreneurs from around the globe to develop joint investments and trade facilitation.
  5. The COVID 19 pandemic and what needs to be done to ensure entrepreneurial - SME resilience and continuity; through stimulating impactful bankable investments that would support sustainability and growth in the Industrial sector
  6. COVID 19 has induced an accelerated technological transformation leading to a new normal; accordingly, it is crucial to support SMEs and entrepreneurs through facilitating their integration in the 4th industrial revolution